Family Class (Spouses and Common-Law /Children/Parents)

Spouses/Common-Law Partners/Conjugal Partners:

You can sponsor someone from inside or outside Canada if you are married, have lived common-law or is in a conjugal relationship with your partner for at least one year.

No minimum necessary income is required.

You will have to sign an undertaking for three years after the person you have sponsored becomes a landed immigrant.  Provisional visas are in place for some applicants. The sponsored spouse will not be able to sponsor someone else for a period of five years after the date of landing.

Appeal rights are reserved for Outside Canada applications only.


Can be sponsored if they are under 19.

Minimum income only applicable if your dependent children have children of their own, certain exceptions apply.


The quota for 2015 is 5000 and we expect that it will be filled within a week.  We will be accepting applications to prepare for submissions for the 2016 quota later in 2015 to be ready for submissions when the quota re-opens early in 2016.

You will need a minimum necessary income to sponsor Parents and Grandparents.

20 Year Undertakings need to be signed.